The upgrade to Balance Bot v2.1.0 has some breaking changes, and requires a few extra steps to get installed. Please follow this guide carefully.

Manual Installation

If you’ve installed BB manually on your PC, do the following:

  • Download the latest installer here
  • Open/unpack the zip file and go into its ‘balance-bot’ folder
  • Copy all of the folder’s content, files and folder
  • Paste those into your BB installation folder, typically c:\balance-bot
  • Open the console and move into your BB installation folder
  • Type: node install
  • Select option 3 from the menu – this will reinstall BB, but keep your settings and bot configurations
  • Once the installation is done, start BB as usual: node bb
  • Open the Bot Manager at http://localhost:3000
  • From the Bot Manager, open your bot dashboard(s) by clicking the ‘dashboard’ button
  • NOTE: the URL for the bot dashboard has changed. For instance, bot001 moved from http://localhost:3001 to http://localhost:3000/bot001

Cloud Deployment

If you’ve installed BB on a Linux server using the Linux installer, do the following:

  • In the console, at the command prompt, remove the old installer (this may result in an error, but that’s fine, just ignore that):

rm -r /tmp/; rm -r /var/opt/balance-bot-ubuntu-script

  • And install the latest installer:

wget -P /tmp -L;bash /tmp/