Balance Bot

Automate your crypto balancing – for free

Why Crypto Balancing?

60 minute chart – green arrows are buy orders, red arrows are sell orders

Hodl, And Trade

You’ve invested in crypto for the long run (you’re a hodler). But you know the markets are never going up, or down, in a straight line. With Balance Bot you hodl, but through small trades you benefit from crypto volatility, also when your crypto is going down

Manage Risk

You could go all-in on just one cryptocurrency, which is totally fine. But if you want to reduce risk, you may want to spread your investment across multiple coins. You can do so without balancing. But through balancing you take profit when certain coins are going up, even if others are going down

No crypto coin behaves the same – percentage change of 9 coins vs BTC over 10 weeks
Same coin as above, 10 minute chart – sell when going up, buy when going down

Remove Your Emotions

If you’re all-in on one or a few cryptocurrencies, you can balance those with fiat (e.g. Euro) or a stablecoin (e.g. BUSD). When your crypto goes up, some of it will be sold. When your crypto goes down, you buy some back at a good price. This is a sound strategy, but hard for many of us as emotions are at play. It’s a good thing that Balance Bot doesn’t have emotions

Feature Packed

Bot Manager

Set up one or multiple bots in the Bot Manager, check their status, and stop or start them whenever you like

Bot Configuration

Manage your portfolio, select the coins to be balanced, set the target distribution and more, for all your bots

Bot Dashboard

Analyze the performance of your bots through various graphs and statistics on a state of the art web dashboard

Start balancing for free today!