Balance Bot (BB) makes it easy to balance a portfolio of crypto coins. It continuously fetches the latest coin prices and adjusts the number of coins to keep the portfolio balanced. If you want full control, you can choose to trigger transactions manually when certain coins need to be rebalanced. But BB can take care of this fully automated, 24/7, by executing trades whenever coins in your portfolio get out of balance.

The BB application is offered free of charge. It is not available as an online service, but it can be installed locally on a PC, in the cloud, on a Raspberry Pi, a capable NAS, etc. It provides full flexibility in terms of deployment options, to satisfy the needs of most users.

BB was started by some crypto enthusiasts, who develop the application in their spare time. They’re not paid for their work. To keep BB free of charge, there are a few ways you can support the project, as you’ll see throughout the instructions. So if you love what we’re doing, please consider giving back a little. 😊

Balance Bot is currently in beta. Your feedback is most welcome and will help to make it even better.

Before you start

Before getting you up to speed on BB, some formalities… Please read the Disclaimers.

With that out of the way, on to more interesting topics, getting you ready to start your balancing adventure.

To use BB, you need an account with a trading platform. This is where you set up your crypto portfolio by buying cryptocurrencies, and BB uses the platform to execute trades to keep your portfolio balanced. BB has been primarily developed to work with a Binance account, a world-leading crypto trading platform. If you don’t have a Binance account yet, you can create one using this link and get a 10% discount on your trading fees. Since BB will be executing buy and sell orders 24/7, any discount is worth it. And… by using the referral link, you’ll support the BB project. 💖

In theory, BB should work with a broad range of other exchanges as well. BB is tested and proven to work with Binance, but if you prefer to use another exchange, you may want to give it a try. For more information, see our list of supported exchanges.

On your exchange, buy the cryptocurrencies that you’d like to include in your balancing portfolio. You can include any coin that can be traded on your exchange with your base coin of choice. Supported base coins are BTC, BUSD, USDT, USDC and EUR. BB will automatically detect the coins available on your exchange account, which you can then select (or not) to be included in your balancing portfolio.

BB executes trades of altcoins versus your selected base coin. In other words, when your portfolio holds too many of a certain altcoin, it will be sold for the base coin (e.g. BTC), and vice versa. Therefore, the base coin always needs to be part of your portfolio. And you can only use BB with altcoins that can be traded for the base coin on your exchange.

Exchanges typically apply a minimum order size for trades. Therefore, please make sure that your total portfolio amount is not too small and/or that you don’t split it over too many different coins. Otherwise, trades may get refused and it will be difficult to keep your portfolio in balance.

Finally, BB makes use of a so-called API to communicate with your exchange and to execute trades. To do so, BB needs access to an API key and secret. You can read how to do that here. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Only use API keys that allow reading data from your trading account and making trades. Do NOT use API keys that allow removing funds from your account
  • If you enable an IP whitelist for your API keys, make sure to include the IP address of the computer or server that runs BB
  • Binance blocks US IP addresses, so if you use Binance, run BB from a PC or server outside of the US
  • The API key and secret are stored on the PC or server that runs BB. Always make sure that the machine is well secured and only you have access to it


The next step is to install BB. There are multiple options:

  • Local Installation: this works on most computers (Windows, macOS), servers and devices, like Raspberry PI. This option provides the most flexibility, and enables you to run BB from where ever you want. An installer simplifies the process of installing and updating BB
  • Cloud Deployment: using our Linux installer, it is straightforward to install BB on a cloud server. With our step-by-step guide, anyone can do this. The advantage of running BB in the cloud is that you don’t need to keep your PC running, while your bot(s) will, 24/7
  • Docker Installation: if you know how to use Docker, then this option may be for you. The latest BB Docker image is available on Docker Hub, and using our Docker Compose configuration file, pulling and running BB is as easy as it can get

Next steps

After completing the installation:

  1. Read how to configure BB
  2. Read how to use BB
  3. Read how to run BB as a desktop application
  4. If you have any questions, have a look at the FAQ, or ask your question in our Telegram community
  5. Sit back, relax, and let BB do the dirty work 😉

News and community

When there is any news about BB or an update of the BB application is available, this will be announced in our Telegram community. This is where you can go with questions or problems you may experience. There are always enthusiastic users willing to help out.