If you’ve deployed BB on Vultr, and you ever need to access configuration or log files directly from your Vultr server, follow the steps as outlined below.

Installing and configuring FileZilla

  • Download and install FileZilla
  • Open FileZilla, go to File > Site Manager (or use CTRL+S)
  • Click the ‘New site’ button and enter a name for your server (can be anything)
  • In the panel on the right side:
    • Select SFTP as the Protocol
    • Enter the IP address of your server as the Host
    • Enter your server’s user name (by default this is ‘root’) –> this can be found on the Vultr dashboard
    • Enter your server’s password –> this can be found on the Vultr dashboard

Using FileZilla

  • Click the ‘Connect’ button. You may get a question about trusting the server, and confirm that you do trust it
  • On the panel on the right, go to the follow folder:
  • At the top of the panel on the right, go to the follow folder (in the ‘Remote site’ field): /var/opt/balance-botv2/bb
  • You will see the folders of your BB installation appear in the panel at the bottom
  • You can find the log files in the ‘logs’ folder
  • You can find your configuration files in the ‘config’ folder
  • You can select files and drag those to the panel on the left to copy to your local computer (on the top-left you can first select to which folder you want to copy the files)

Making changes to files directly on Vultr

NOTE: if you want to make changes to any of the config files, first stop BB completely (from the Vultr console, using ‘bbmenu’) and restart BB after you have saved your changes.

  • You can also edit a file directly on the Vultr server. To do so, right-click the file you want to edit, and then select ‘View/Edit’
  • You may be asked to associate a program with the type of file you’re trying to open. Select ‘Use default editor for text files’ and click ‘Ok’
  • This will open the file in your default file editor (e.g. Notepad)
  • Make the required changes, and then save the file, File > Save (or CTRL+S)
  • Restart BB for your changes to take affect