Before installing or updating to the latest Balance Bot version, make sure you have a recent Node version installed (at least v16). You can check the installed version by entering in the console/terminal: node -v

If your Node version is too old, you should update it before updating Balance Bot.

If you’re on Windows/Mac, just download the latest version (see here) and install it on your PC.

If you’re on Linux/Ubuntu (e.g. Vultr), do the following:

  • Log into the console/terminal (the place where you also run bbmenu. If you’re still in bbmenu, exit with option 0)
  • Enter: curl -o- | bash
  • Exit the terminal, and log into the terminal again
  • Enter: nvm install 18.13.0
  • Enter: node -v
  • You should now see: v18.13.0